What my clients are saying…

I’ve known and worked with Susan for many years and can testify that Susan absolutely identifies and brings out the potential in everyone who works with her.  Susan is to thank for a large part of my success through her coaching and feedback.  She is an authentic, honest and direct thought leader who finds unique solutions to challenging problems.  Susan approaches obstacles as opportunities and doesn’t let anything get in the way of finding the optimal resolution.  – Victoria

Sue helped me to discover how to thrive and identify aspects of life where I was merely surviving. She helped me identify my foundational innate strengths and to develop a roadmap on how to achieve my goals using my strengths.  I am now able to communicate more effectively with my husband and other key relationships as I now understand their styles too.  Her online workshop was fun and filled with epiphanies! I look forward to continued one on one coaching with Sue! – Michelle

I can honestly say, the Striving Styles Personality System (“SSPS”) webinar has been life-changing!  My husband and I have been together over 30 years.  At a transitional time in our lives and marriage, we reached out to Susan for help to improve our marriage and communication with one another. This 8 week webinar has provided us with the knowledge and insight of our individual unique personalities and the tools and framework to navigate to be the best versions of ourselves.  We have a good awareness of why and what aids in us living a self-actualized state vs. why and what triggers ourselves into an unhealthy  self-protective state.  Having this knowledge and the tools has deepened our relationship to appreciate our uniqueness in each other and therefore helps build each other up rather than tear down.  Susan’s energy, knowledge and passion to help individuals become the best versions of themselves is a gift.  We have also benefited from Susan’s private life coaching sessions to help us continue to grow into our ‘best selves’.  Thank you Susan for coaching us through SSPS!  – Karen

I found the process to be transformative. Deep and meaningful conversations, perfectly timed meditations and an abundance of support made for an experience I won’t soon forget. I would highly recommend this workshop.  It’s for everyone! – Heidi

If you want to expose your most limiting behaviours and explore your brightest beliefs, this workshop is for you. You’ll gain momentum to move forward in all aspects of your life. – Anon

This workshop opened my eyes to how we are all so different. Our families can be made up of individuals of a variety of temperaments and the way we interact with one another needs to be different if we want to be effective communicating. This workshop has helped me communicate with my teenage daughter in a much more constructive way and it has bettered our relationship that I was afraid was spiraling. I also understand my husbands personality better and so now we interact more positively as well. Learning what drives my actions, planning my future and taking action has made me feel less stressed and much happier every day. Starting each workshop with a short meditation and mindfulness activity created the perfect platform for reflection! This workshop has impacted my life and made a huge difference for me! I highly recommend Susan and Wendy as coaches and SSPS teachers. They are open, insightful, straightforward and clear! – Cristina

Striving Styles helped me to better understand my underlying needs which are driving my behaviour and potentially holding me back.  Within a framework of understanding my weaknesses and strengths I established and prioritized goals to help me achieve the personal growth I had identified as important to me.   Additionally, the biggest take away for me was the importance of mindfulness and how to incorporate the practice into my daily life. Thank you Susan and Wendy. – Michelle

After taking the workshop (or after working with Susan and Wendy), I had a clear plan of where I was going and how I was going to get there. This work has been invaluable in moving forward and aligning my work with my values and strengths. – Sheri

I found this workshop to be invaluable. It helped me to recognize how much my inherent personality has affected my life and has given me the tools to get started on making positive changes and turning from negative patterns.  Highly recommend it! – Michele

So happy I took Susan’s Striving Styles workshop. Being married to my wife of 29 years, one would think we would know each other’s personalities inside and out, not so. We would argue and set each other off by triggering emotions that could end up being destructive. By taking the Striving Styles workshop it identifies those triggers and how to prevent them. This is huge for the harmony of our relationship. And I can thank Susan and Striving Styles for putting my 29 year relationship with my wife back on track. – Greg