Striving Styles Personality Assessment

The Striving Styles Personality System (SSPS) is a development tool that will help you understand:

  • How your personality type affects your relationships, career, and life.
  • How your unique brain works.
  • What’s getting in the way of achieving your potential.
  • Your innate needs and fears that are holding you back.

SSPS assessment

The SSPS assessment is taken online.  Once completed, you will receive your type report and I will contact you to schedule a 90 minute telephone interpretation session to discuss what the results mean for you. (The interpretation session is optional.

About Striving Styles Personality System (SSPS)

The SSPS consists of eight striving styles that take the understanding of the brain and its functions further than other personality theories and development tools.  Recent brain dominance theory states that our brains have four quadrants, each performing specific functions efficiently and with minimum effort.  Each of us is born with a Predominant Style, which resides in one of the four quadrants of our brain that we are hard-wired to favour over the other three.  When we don’t live predominantly out of that quadrant we can’t live our life authentically based on our skills, talents, and abilities.  This can lead to physiological and psychological distress.

The SSPS is a neuro-psychological approach to understanding the mechanics of your mind.  It integrates the theories and models of many leading authors in a comprehensive system for achieving potential.  It will help you grow by providing you with a systematic approach to building self-awareness and emotional intelligence. While similar assessment tools, like the MBTI®, stop at assessment, only the Striving Styles adds that crucial step of your development based on emotional maturation and brain re-patterning.   It will show you how to direct your energy in the pursuit of your goals.  In order for us to feel psychologically secure, we have to understand those needs and go out in the world to get them met so we can feel happy, on task and like nothing can stop us.  Only then are we are poised for growth and development, and can take our businesses from merely surviving to thriving!

In order for us to reach our full potential, we must develop the connections with the other three quadrants of our brains, as well as understand how to get the innate needs of our Predominant Style met.  The good news is that recent research on brain plasticity shows that we have the ability, with practice and repetition, to rewire our brains to help us reach our goals.